Victoria Branch

To all of the early childhood educators that made it to our appreciation night, we say, thank you! 

We are very fortunate to be surrounded by so much passion, and committed professionals. 


We took time to honour Bea Van Roy, and to acknowledge her as the recipient of the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education.


We showed our gratitude to Toni Hoyland and Colleen O'Dowd, as they transition into retirement.


We were joined by Emily Mlieczko, our executive director, and Shawn Nygren, the new membership and engagement coordinator. They both reminded us of the importance of becoming a provincial member, and reminded us of our strength when we're working together. 


Our AGM has been postponed, check back to our website often for up-to-date information about our branch. 


The Victoria Branch is a local chapter of the ECEBC that provides:


• Branch Meetings
• Local Professional Development
• Subscription to the branch newsletter & e-mail updates on
  community events
• Networking with childcare and other related professionals
• Involvement in the structural planning of short and long term branch
  goals & activities
• Discount on the annual Winter Workshop
• Lobbying & awareness for issues related to our field
• Support for local ECE's
• Communication between the local branch members and ECEBC

• Post your centres job postings on our website for $10 for 3 months


"Coming together as early childhood educators we can create community.

Looking at the word community we notice that com- means 'with', and unis means 'unity or one'.  In community we can come together
as one, each educator bringing her
or his own voice.  Thus the tension vibrates between the individual members and the members as a group.

But we can also see in the word community the second syllable as munis, rather than unis, meaning 'gift'.  Community, by coming together with common purpose,
can provide space and support for individuals to find and raise their voices and bring their gifts. And
so, we welcome and create a community of early childhood educators." 

Enid Elliot