Who We Are & What We Do

Katrina Farthing Co-Chair

Lynne Reside Co-chair

Carla MacGillivray, Past-Chair, MEd

Carla MacGillivray, MEd, ECE has been involved in the ECE profession in many capacities for years. She has been teaching at a private college for the past ten years in early childhood education. Carla joined the ECE Victoria Branch executive to network, keep current with what was happening in the field and to advocate for children, families and the betterment of conditions for Early Childhood Educators.


Heather Peeters, Branch Treasurer and Past Chair

Heather has been an ECE and Special Needs Educator for 30 years. She is currently the director of View Royal Preschool. She believes it is our professional responsibility to belong to the Early Childhood Educators of BC as well as to be involved with our Victoria Branch. There are many Professional Development and networking opportunities throughout each year in Victoria. She really enjoys volunteering and having the chance to share responsibilities within the executive group. She also enjoy working with new, energetic, and dedicated ECE's.



Brenda Turner, Member at Large
Brenda Turner BScHEc BEd ECE ITE- Brenda has been a member of both Victoria branch and provincial since returning to B.C. in the early 1990's. She has sat on the executive for the local branch since the mid-90's...as secretary for many years and now more recently as MAL. Brenda feels that belonging to the branch allows one to network with others in the field and continue to grow. She is an advocate for children all the time as a frontline manager and owner/operator of ABC Infant Care. As well, she has participated in the Investigating Quality (IQ)group and continue to do so. In the last year she has become involved with the OPEN planning committee. She feels it is important to keep current with what is happening in the field.


Meredith Barwick, Branch Secretary

It is with a sense of humour that I begin by saying I have been ‘hanging around’ in the early childhood education field for nearly eight years in Sidney, British Columbia. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree and I am a certified, licensed Early Childhood Educator, and Infant Toddler Educator. I have always enjoyed working with children. I lived and worked in Ontario until 2007. I have over 13 years of public library services experience, and my fondest memories are of working on children’s programming. My son was born in 2000 and I ran my own home daycare for two years from 2002 to 2004. When I moved to Sidney in 2007 I began my career as an early childhood educator. I have performed many roles; kindergarten teacher, out of school care manager, librarian, preschool teacher, and the supervisor of an infant toddler room.







Irina Mielecka, Director of Branch Membership

Ji Young Kim, Director of Branch Professionalism